Not so much

by Stephen Tall on October 4, 2006

I watched Mr Cameron’s speech today, fully intending to analyse it calmly, rationally and maturely. But I just can’t bring myself to.

Truth is: I loathed it.

Every single fatuous, banale, jejune, trite, tedious, reductive moment of it. Never before have I heard nothing of substance said in quite such a risibly flimsy, flabby, saccharine way. It was neither funny nor serious. Just a damp, limp, saggy, wretched, pleading, empty paean to vacuous mediocrity.

I hate what Mr Cameron is doing to politics – sucking out its soul, replacing policies with lullabies, spewing platitudinous pieties.

I hate that the media is letting him get away with it – glossing over the froth, condoning the cojones, excusing the execrable.

And most of all I hate that he has induced from me this negative diatribe – the kind of thing I swore I’d never write – with no pretence at balance, which advances no argument, and lowers the bar of political discourse still further.


PS: Anne Perkins has said much of this, only like a proper grown-up, over at the Grauniad’s Comment Is Free.