Because policies are boring

by Stephen Tall on September 29, 2006

The Tory leader has, it seems, been stung by accusations that he’s a bit policy-lite. Or as Ming Campbell put it last week:

When it comes to policy, Cameron’s Tories are a substance free zone. Their idea of political principle is to say, tell us what you don’t like and we’ll abandon it.

They have learned all the wrong lessons from Mr Blair – the spin, the photo opportunity, the endless sound bites signifying nothing. Political parties shouldn’t be glorified advertising agencies.

The BBC today tells us:

Conservative leader David Cameron is to tackle “head-on” claims that he is all style and no substance.

He will use his party’s annual conference, which starts in Bournemouth on Sunday, to stress his commitment to developing serious policy ideas.

Fair enough, you might think… ’til the next sentence:

There will be no specific policy announcements at the four-day rally, a Tory spokesman confirmed.

Ah well.

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