New poll: who would be the best Labour leader for the Lib Dems?

by Stephen Tall on September 27, 2006

In less than a year’s time there will be a new leader of the Labour Party, and (for that matter) a new Prime Minister.

There will be plenty of polls asking Labour members, and the general public, who they/we think will prove most effective. This poll isn’t asking that. I want to know who you think would be the best Labour leader from a Liberal Democrat perspective.

Put bluntly, I guess: who we selfishly think would make the worst Labour leader?

Your choices are: Gordon Brown, Alan Johnson, David Miliband, John Hutton, and John Reid. (I’ve ignored John McDonnell for what I think are obvious reasons.)

You should, of course, feel free to vote tactically in order to try and convince Labour members not to elect someone you think would actually be a good leader.

Result of last poll:

Chris Huhne was your choice (just) as the Lib Dem MP who impressed most at last week’s party conference. His 40% squeaked past Nick Clegg’s 36%. Ming Campbell followed on 15%, followed by Vince Cable (5%), Julia Goldsworthy (4%) and Evan Harris (1%).