Keeping it real. Honest

by Stephen Tall on September 18, 2006

Last post about winning that little competition. (I hope.)

First, you can listen to me being interviewed after the awards ceremony:

  • On the BBC Today programme, being interviewed with Iain Dale. You can listen again here. (Apparently it’s about 17 minutes into the 6.30-7.00 am section.) I’m the one speaking far too quickly. If only I could write that fast.
  • On the Channel 4 News Morning Report podcast here, being interviewed by Iain Dale. I’m with fellow Lib Dem bloggers, Alex Foster and Rob Fenwick. I’m sure I was funnier and more incisive at the time.

Secondly, an answer to a question I was asked a lot last night – does winning a prize from the party risk neutering this blog? Will I feel any subtle pressure not to be critical of the party when (not if) I disagree with policies?

Short answer: no. This blog is my space, to speak the stuff that’s in my head in the hope that someone out there will find it interesting. I’m a liberal first, a Lib Dem second – fortunately, though, there’s a fair Venn Diagram relationship.

And anyway – no one ever got involved in the Lib Dems because they have personal political ambitions. I sent off for the form to apply to be a Lib Dem MP about six years ago. I still haven’t filled it in.

And I’m aware I’ve written loads on my blog which my political opponents could drag up at a later date, and use against me – but so what? Life’s too short to try and plan what might come next.

So I’m going to keep blogging, keep keeping it real. And if I don’t – I know you guys will stop reading.

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