Yay! Ming IS being Ming…

by Stephen Tall on September 17, 2006

Okay, so I know I’m biased. Not only am I a Lib Dem, but I’m one of the (relatively few) bloggers who supported Ming Campbell for the leadership.

But I was by no means uncritical. And one of the chief concerns I had was how Ming could deal with the demands of front-line leadership in the ‘telly age’. I remember in particular on interview he gave to BBC1’s On The Record during the leadership campaign: he looked stiff, awkward, and uncertain.

Yet his performance on Andrew Marr’s Sunday AM today was top-notch, best telly interview I’ve seen him give: calm, relaxed, and authoritative. At last, he looked sublimely comfortable as leader.

True, Mr Marr is not the fiercest of interrogators – to be fair, 9 am on the Lord’s Day is no time to do a Paxman – but his questions were perceptive and to-the-point. Ming urbanely answered them all, highlighting the key themes he wants this conference to address: the environmental agenda, fairness in taxation, and rolling back the layers of New Labour over-centralisation.

If you think I’m just brown-nosing, you can watch the interview by clicking on this link, and judge for yourselves.