Say NO to Labour’s extradition rough justice

by Stephen Tall on July 13, 2006

The case of the ‘NatWest 3’ has been rightly championed by the Liberal Democrats over the last 10 days. It is an affront to natural justice that this Labour Government has signed a lopsided extradition treaty with the USA, which grants fewer rights to British citizens than to Americans.

I lost count yesterday of the number of times Tony Blair and other Government apologists referred to the Treaty arrangements as “roughly analagous” – weasel words that tell their own story.

This was compounded yesterday by the disgraceful House of Commons’ exhibition of Labour’s Solicitor-General, Mike O’Brien, who repeatedly smeared those facing extradition as the ‘Enron 3’, a flagrant attempt to prejudice their trial. Such was the outrage this provoked among fellow MPs on all sides, he eventually dropped the term.

How has the Labour Party sunk this low?

Anyway, if you’re wondering what you can do, read this statement from the Lib Dems’ Shadow Home Secretary, Nick Clegg, who urges a write-in campaign to the Labour Government to support his Extradition (United States of America) Bill that would repeal parts of the Extradition Act 2003 and bring an end to these unfair extradition procedures.

Who knows if it will work – but it might make you feel better.

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