Modern life is alright

by Stephen Tall on May 10, 2006

Three surreal, unconnected events co-incided today:

Adam Rickitt, former star of Corrie, and the guy on the receiving end of the soap’s first gay snog, has elbowed his way on to the Tory Party’s A-list of top-draw Parliamentary candidates. Who needs meritocracy when there’s celebrity?

I watched the absolutely brilliant video for Daz Sampson’s Teenage Life, the UK entry for the Eurovision song contest, and it is wee-out-loud funny. Think Daphne and Celeste meets Goldie Lookin’ Chain meets Pink Floyd meets B*Witched. No, really. Hope it wins.

And Siralan made the right choice of potty-mouthed lovely Michelle Dewberry to be his Apprentice, edging the scarily good – and sometimes just scary – Ruth Badger into second place. It’s interesting how some people become their surnames.

There ought to be a clever way of weaving these occurrences into a seamless tapestry, but all I can offer is loose threads.