When chameleons attack!

by Stephen Tall on April 29, 2006

I try not to do cheap politics, but, hey, there’s an election on, and this story from Sky News is irresistible:

Conservative leader David Cameron asked for Sky News footage to be withdrawn from screen after a disagreement with one of the channel’s senior reporters. …

Sky correspondent Joey Jones was trailing Mr Cameron, with the agreement of his team, and took footage of him pressing the flesh in Kingston Upon Thames and Newcastle, before concluding his feature with a face-to-face interview.

But it was then, the Tory leader became uncomfortable with questions about why he wanted to change the party – and he broke away from the interview, becoming increasingly flustered, gesticulating and dismissive.

Mr Cameron admitted the day before that he woke up “every morning thinking what more can we do to change the Conservative party”. But when Jones asked him if that meant he disliked the current party, the interview disintegrated. …

[Three attempts later, DC replies] “The problem is….” He sighs. “I mean where is this interview going? We are going round and round and round. What are we doing here?” replied Mr Cameron. “Sorry, I thought we were doing a short interview. It’s now turning into a half hour thing…..I thought it was a few pictures in different locations and….”

In less than 10 minutes the interview is brought to an end. Mr Cameron and his media team then ask that the footage where he stumbles, is not shown.

Jones said it was a “sour end” to their time together. “The likelihood is that despite his (David Cameron’s) best efforts, the Tory showing next Thursday will be less than spectacular. If that’s the case, the question as to whether he was wise to try and transform the Conservative party will reoccur with greater insistence and he will be well advised to get used to it.”

It’s not been a good 48 hours for Young Master Cameron. This tale of grumpiness follows hot on the heels of the revelations that Dave – that cheery eco-scamp – retains a chauffeur to deliver his shoes and a pressed shirt to work each day. Well, which of us doesn’t?

As for today’s bust-up… I imagine it had been a long day, and that young Dave was feeling over-tired. Nothing a good night’s sleep can’t put right.

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