Out to Luntz

by Stephen Tall on April 19, 2006

Here’s a quickie: does anyone know why the hell BBC2’s Newsnight continue to retain the American pollster, Frank Luntz?

He was at it again tonight, apparently “looking at how the British party leaders are doing”. Or as I might less tendentiously phrase it, peddling his meretricious circus-act of orchestrated group-think.

It was his usual schtick… Play a few (carefully selected) telly clips of Blair, Cameron, Campbell and Brown. Out of context. Prefaced with leading questions. Whip up a whirligig of cliched generalities among ‘swing’ voters. Then watch Newsnight treat his conclusions with talismanic reverence.

Luntz may know sod-all about political science, but he’s clearly very well versed in the political arts.

UPDATE: Martin Tod suggests some possible explanations.