These Italian elections, right… (updated)

by Stephen Tall on April 11, 2006

… Anybody any idea what’s going on? It’s 9.57 pm, and looks like a dead-heat, except that everyone* thinks Berlusconi has pulled a rabbit out of the hat.

I’m scarcely wowed by Prodi, but how anyone can countenance voting Forza Italia is as beyond my comprehension as understanding those who supported Dubya.

(* except the punters on the Betfair markets. I laid Romano at 1.6, and backed Silvio at 3.45.)

UPDATE 11.47 pm: no closer to knowing. I still want Berlusconi to lose, but now feel conflicted by the profit I make if he wins (it’s best to bet against your heart).

UPDATE 2.03 am: Prodi claiming victory. I’m happy to forfeit my (grubby) Berlusconi profits.