Tesco: every little helps (except after death)

by Stephen Tall on September 25, 2005

Browsing the Tesco Clubcard site on a Sunday night (as you do), I was relieved to see that the FAQs covered all the essentials. For example: “One of my relatives has died – Can I change the card to my name so that the points are not lost?” Well, it would be my first thought too…

You can imagine the scene: granny’s just karked it, and a family row is brewing because dad wants to convert her 73 remaining points into air-miles, while mum thinks it’s better to fill up on petrol. Sadly their best-intentioned wishes are scuppered, for Tesco informs us that no transfer is possible in the event of a family death:

“The Data Protection Act prevents us from changing any details on a card without the owners consent.”

So my tip for those worried an unexpected family death might rob them of their rightful money-off vouchers… make sure all close relatives have pre-signed a letter authorising Tesco to transfer their Clubcard points to a named beneficiary in the event they pre-decease the aforementioned.

After all, it’s taking care of the little details which brings true peace of mind.

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